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Nearly two thousand and five hundred years back in the road of history, the most beautiful and gracious event happened, the emergence of our mighty Lord Buddha. In the same era, there was an unquenched thirst among the public to find the truth of life and in order to find or achieve that, they practiced various methods. However, those people were fortunate enough to be touched by the supreme wisdom of the Gautama Buddha. Lord Buddha went looking for them and showed them the hidden truth of life in a unique way that no one ever had come across.

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"One who collects merit will be happy in this world Will be happy in the next world, thus being happy in both worlds When one recollects the merit acquired Will rejoice always with a happy mind."
-The Gautama Supreme Buddha

"...….. There’s no fear about death in me. There’s no special desire about living as well. I am letting go of this body by establishing mindfulness and wisdom very well. ...….."



A full day program is being held 3rd' Sunday from 6.00 am of every month.

The program includes observance of the eight precepts, dhamma sermons, meditation, dhamma discussions and various meritorious activities through out the day.

Venue: Mahamevnawa Washington Dc. 5004, Stone Road, Rockville, MD 20853, USA.

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Children program is being held on 2nd' Saturday from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm of every month. The program includes dhamma sermons, meditation, and dhamma discussions. If we are to give this invaluable gift to our children, it is paramount that they become well conversant with the dhamma and incorporate the Buddha’s teachings to their daily lives.


Youth program is being held 1st' Sunday from 8.00 am to 11.00 am of every month. The program includes Dhamma Sermons, meditation practice, and dhamma discussions. Program is conducted in Sinhalese.


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Mahamevnawa Washington Dc.
5004, Stone Road,
Rockville, MD 20853, USA.
Call us :- 1-301-570-1573